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Olinsky, Alan


Data; Analysis; Healthcare; Cost


Bryant University

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Currently, the unfortunate reality that receiving diverse health procedures can be extremely expensive is widely acknowledged and woefully accepted. However, have you inquired or been curious about the specific factors that influence the cost per day expensed by a hospital? Through examination, investigation, and evaluation operating SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner and Tableau I have attempted to arrive at a conclusion for this very question. Utilizing a 1.5 million row data set provided by Rhode Island, for the years 2003-2013, I analyzed the assorted elements conceivably bearing impact on the cost per day at a hospital. Regressions, decision trees, neural networks, ANOVA, linear models, and a countless number of visual representations genuinely assisted in attaining a robust conclusion. Overall, a number of various input variables, with unique magnitudes, such as age, services provided, year of discharge, and hospital provider sincerely shape the overarching cost per day at a hospital.