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Blackjack; Card Counter; Casino; Simulation


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The casino industry has been researched through a variety of disciplines including psychological gambling habits, technological advances, business strategies, and mathematical simulations. In the vast number of studies that have been conducted, there are few scholarly articles that focus on the specific aspect of card counting. The majority of games in the casino are designed to favor the “house”. This study focuses on the game of blackjack, in which players using a card counting strategy can tip the odds in their favor. A computer simulation was used to model the betting strategy of a card counter who would bet methodically. Conversely, the unpredictable betting strategy of a “normal” gambler was gathered through observations of over one thousands hands of blackjack. The comparison of the two led to deviations in behavior and betting habits. An understanding of these differences will provide a casino with additional information to catch card counters at the table.