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Son Nguyen


Basketball; Analytics; Mid-Range; NBA; Shooting

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The purpose of this thesis paper is to investigate the strategic shift away from the mid-range jump shot in basketball over the past decade. This paper will cover the rationale for the decline of the mid-range, as well as the general impact of data analytics on the way the game of basketball is played at the professional level. Following a review of the existing literature relating to the use of analytics in the NBA, this paper will analyze the differences in shooting habits between two seven-season periods. Data visualization tools, including boxplots, statistical trends, and distribution plots, will be used to illustrate the changes in shooting habits from the 2005-06 season through the 2018-19 season. Additionally, a predictive statistical model will be used to identify the variables that are most important to winning in the NBA, including shot locations, defensive rating, and pace of play