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Bryant University Senior Honors Thesis for Ryan Bebyn, completed in April 2023. Analyzes how match results impact the stock prices of publicly traded soccer clubs in Europe.

First Faculty Advisor

Dr. James Bishop

Second Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kevin Maloney


match results; regression; soccer; equity; stocks


Bryant University

Rights Management



This study aims to examine the relationship between the match performance of publicly traded European soccer clubs and their stock price returns. It is important for investors, owners, and fans to understand how competitive factors both on and off the field affect the equity value of European club soccer teams. Competitive factors such as basic match results (Win, Loss, or Draw), rivalry matches, and international matches will be evaluated against the daily stock prices of publicly traded soccer clubs. A sample of teams traded on public exchanges will be used to analyze the effects of their matches on the daily stock returns for the respective clubs. These daily returns will be compared against individual benchmark returns in order to calculate a net return for each club. Different variations of regression analysis will be used to determine the statistical significance of the relationship between individual competitive elements, which will mainly surround the match results and the stock prices of publicly traded European soccer clubs.