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First Faculty Advisor

Langlois, Gaytha


Environment; Go Green; Recycle; Documentary


Bryant University


This paper aims to explain and justify my choice of film as the medium employed to persuade my audience of the need for environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes to be made by individuals. In order to effectively stimulate action by college students, the target audience, film was used to communicate the necessity of developing green habits. During these years students in higher education develop intellectually and mature into adults. It is a prime time to learn simple green lifestyle changes and translate them into their daily behavioral repertoire. To begin my project I researched current information about the state of our environment, how individuals can do their part, and why it is important to reduce your impact on the environment. Then the documentary was produced, the steps of which will be detailed in the paper. In order to validate my use of film, academic databases were searched for applicable articles of the influential powers of television and documentaries specifically. After the documentary was produced it was tested on an ecology class and a control group was utilized. The results showed an increase in desire to perform green habits.