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A. P. O. 921
30 December, 1944.

Dear Bryant Service Club:

Was well pleased to receive your swell X-mas gift. It's a lovely sweater and will sure come in handy when I go down South and during the winter months. Wish there were some way in which I could show my appreciation. Want to thank you a lot and say that I think it's a wonderful job you are all doing for us overseas. It's a good feeling to know that we haven't been forgotten.

By this time, many of the Bryant alumni are spread out wide and far over the globe. I've been over here 20 months now. Many of us have been here much longer. It's swell hearing from our alma mater now and then with news of those we formerly associated with in school. It helps not only to break the monotony of the months over here, but also gives us a feeling of pride and satisfaction in finding out how others of our former classmates are doing in the way of success and sacrifice, endeavor and fun, and what not throughout the different spots on the world battle fronts and theaters. Since being over here have met only one lad with whom I had contact in civilian life. He's stationed here at the same APO--Ameen, a former classmate in Accountancy and Finance Class. It was swell meeting up with him and, of course, we talked over past things.

I want to close for now, but first, wish to express my sincere thanks for your X-mas gift and the thoughts behind it.


Sgt. Lawrence A. Italiano
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