World War II;Lawrence A. Italiano

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Pvt. Lawrence Italiano
#920 A.A.F. R.T.C.
Group E - Sec. 47-RM
Atlantic City, N.J.

August 26, 1942 [Postmark date]

Bryant Service Club
Hope and Benevolent St.
Providence, R.I.

I’m in the U.S. Army Air Corps for the duration of this war. Atlantic City is a beautiful city and sure has plenty of hotels. I have been writing letters for over 2 hours steady now and still have plenty to go. I’ll be here for 25 days for preliminary training and classification--job I’m to be trained for. I’m confined to the hotel for 7 days after which a pass may be granted to me. How is Bryant College? Army life is sure some change from civilian life. Write soon. Until then--

Laurence A. Italiano
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