World War II;George Long;Leonard Levin;George Bunnell

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Sgt. Lawrence A. Italiano
528TH Bomb Sq. 3[??] TH Bomb Gp.
APO 921 c/o Postmaster
August 27, 1943

Bryant Service Club
Hope and Benevolent Aves.
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Service Club

It’s been some time now since I’ve left the states. Sometimes, I wonder where some of my former classmates are now + what they’re doing. I would appreciate receiving the Alumni news, it it’s possible. Am now corresponding with two of my former classmates, George Long and Leonard Levin. Both are now in the Armed Forces of the United States. George Bunnell, understand, is in the Navy and doing well. How’s the faculty coming along? No doubt some are already seeing service.

Before going further, want to thank you again for the presents you’ve already sent me. There isn’t much in the way of recreation here + I find letters or news from the U.S. really recreational. We’re getting along o.k. We’re somewhere in Australia.

Well, hope Bryant is coming along fine there isn’t much more to say. Probably, what I should say is I can’t think of anything else to say. Well, anyway, want to close and want to wish you all good luck and continued success.

As Ever
Lawrence A. Italiano [Transcription ends]