World War II;Theron Johnson

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Office of the Quartermaster

Fort Rodman, Mass.
22 April 1944

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Friends:

Your letter containing Easter greetings was received and very much appreciated. It had done a great deal of traveling and did not arrive until this morning. This was due to my being neglectful in sending you my new address, which you will please note above.

I was very sorry to hear about the boys who have been killed, or are prisoners of war, but very glad to learn of the boys who have done their bit and have returned to this country once again. Your letters always bring back memories of my college days, and contain information about my friends. It sure will be a wonderful day when all this is over and we can all meet again at a Bryant reunion.

Has any publication been made lately where I may obtain addresses? I have lost the whereabouts of a good many of my friends because of the continuous shifting around. Perhaps I may obtain their present and even their last addresses from any publications which might have been made.

I have been fortunate in my assignments, bit I am kept on my toes all the time. At present my titles are Assistant Quartermaster, Salvage Office, Classification Officer, and Jr. member of the Special Courts Martial Board. If they assign me any more jobs I’ll be a one man post. Now that I am stationed in Massachusetts, I should be able to fined ample time to drop in and say “hello”, - - if I’m here for any length of time.

Again I say thanks for the letter, and please keep them coming.

Ted S. Johnson
2nd Lieut., QMC

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