World War II

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U. S. Naval Operating Base,
December 10, 1942.

To the Bryant Service Club:

May times during a guy’s life there comes periods of loneliness, and his mind will wander back to his school days, and many times have I thought back to some pleasant “duty” at Bryant, and back to some old “shipmates” attending during ’29 and ’30. But a few days ago, the most pleasant memories were showered with whipped cream and strawberries, with orchids, and – well – a million thanks for your kindness in sending me the sweater, “On the Campus”, the Bulletin, and the letter. How did I feel when I got all this? Apparently your ideal is original, and, I’m sure, the envy of all the other colleges. The Club can rightfully be proud of the part they are playing in this game of survival.

If they are still there, I should appreciate being remembered to Mr. Lee, Mr. Mercier, Mr. Jacobs, and any of the old gang of ’30 who might drop in occasionally.

Appropriately I was pleasantly surprised to read of Ragnar Johannesson and Haukur Gunnerson being students from Iceland. IF they like, I shall be happy to show any of their people the item in “On the Campus”. Or maybe they’ve already sent copies up here.

Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation for your kind gesture, and best wishes for your continued success in brightening the lives of the alumni in service.

Very sincerely yours,

Charles J. Langello,
Chief Yeoman, U.S. Navy. [Transcription ends]