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Feb. 5, 45

Dear Marge

Mom rec[e]ived your letters today. [S]he was supprised [sic] as she [h]as not heard from you since a [month] now. I got a valentine for you and the rest of the kids. In your letter you said that I didn’t grow[,] well I don’t [blame] you but I think [I grew] a tweeny bit but not to[o] much. Guess what? [M]y dog had pup[p]ies about a [couple] weeks ago. [S]he had 3 black ones and one white one with a black ear and a black spot on its back. You know what Marge[?] [G]uess who call[ed] up 1 o’clock this mor[n]ing. [Y]es Uncle Ray. [H]e is in New York. [H]e said that he might get down to see us if he can. We’re out of school for about a month cause of coal souges [sic][shortages?]. I didn’t spell that right but you know what I mean, I think? It snow[ed] again last night. [W]e’ve got a lot of snow piled whey [sic] up in the air. I made a lot of mistakes in this letter didn’t I. Oh well there [sic] done now.

We didn’t get the boxes with the wooden shoes in. I’m whating [sic] every day hoping they would come but maybe they whent [sic] down hope not. I forgot to tell you that we will have to go down to school in the summer when you come home. I got some figer [sic] skates for Xmas and I go skating up the hil[l] and I’m going to the movies with my girlfriend Betty now. I[‘m] going to have my picture taken tomorrow. And send it to you. I can smile but I need my teeth fixed but of course I having [sic] any money. Ronnie’s going to have [h]is teeth fixed to[o] but I’m going to have mine fixed first because mine ack [sic]. Please don’t send any money for the teeth.

Love Sis, Joan

P.S. I have 2 eye teeth.

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