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Feb. 8, 1945

Dear Sis.

Mom got you[r] three letters. [S]he got 2 yesterday and one today. In my other letter I told you that my dog Ginger[,] she is a brown dog and she had pups. [S]he had 3 black ones and one white one. [M]om said that I could have the white one. [I]t is so fat so I named it Butterball[,] that’s what Norm used to call [M]om, remember[?] I do, don’t you?

Isn’t it funny that Ginger didn’t have any brown pup[s] like [indecipherable]. Did you just heard [sic] about Tom Kells[?] [W]ell he isn’t the only one[.] [H]is brother Richard is a prisoner to[o] only there [sic] at different camps. You know that Dan Mangan had his leg cut off but he die[d]. I don’t care cause he tried to get rid of poor old Buck. [O]h well you know who I mean. I hope? Are you tickel’d [sic] pink about being a[n] aunt[?] [W]ell I am. I’m just wating [sic] for you to come home and have a few. I’ll be wa[i]ting for that day. So I’ll be able to take care of them maybe.

Am I on the 3th [sic] page already[?] I didn’t think I’d even fill the first page and here I am on the thred [sic] page. Goodness what a mess this page is isn’t it? Marge please don’t turn Arthur down[,] he’s a nice guy and I like him. Just think I am 11 years old and in the sixed [sic] grade. Goodness it seems that it just isn’t true. [I]t seems that I’m just 9 years old and in the 5th grade. [J]ust think before long I will be in the 7th grade.

I just wrote you a letter a few days ago. I guess it was Monday. It [sic] was going to sleep over to Betty Chesk[‘s] house because her Mother and Father went out. We got in bed and she star[t]ed picking on me and she hit me on the arm and that herd [sic] too so I came home. [I]t was about 10 o’clock. Uncle Ray is in New York. [H]e said that he might come up and might not. Mom and me are going downstreet tomorrow. I think wish [sic] you where [sic] going with us but maybe you will pretty soon[,] who knows[?] Well so long for now.

Your Loving Sister Joan

I c[h]anged my mind about Art. It is your affair.

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