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April 17, 1942

Dear Ma,

I got back here at 10:30 p.m. and wouldn’t you know it would be pouring with rain and the wind blowing a gale. In fact, the wind is always blowing here. Did it rain in Greenfield Wed. night?

To-morrow night I trip on at 7 o’clock how I dread it but at least I will have it over with by the real warm weather.

I had two letters from Bud waiting for me. He is still very lonesome and homesick.

Yesterday two new girls came in. They told one she might not stay because she just weighs 193 lbs. Powerful Katrinka in person but she is a nice kid.

A whole division of new officers arrived from Texas Wed. and have they got the Southern drawl.

It is very nice here to-day and Puss and I have a P.M. but there isn’t anything to do. She has to go to class this p.m. until 2:30 but we will probably go somewhere to-night. Where, goodness knows.

Last night we went over to the Recreation Rm. to see Johnny Eager with Robert Taylor and Lana Turner. It was pretty good.

Two kids came in here drunk as loons and woke everyone up about 1 o’clock this morning. They were singing and shouting and one got a crying jag on. I could have killed them—they woke the pt’s[?] up!

I am going to write to Uncle Norman this afternoon and Kit.

I will close as there isn’t another thing to say. Write soon.

Love to all, Marj.

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