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June 26, 1942

Fort Dix

Dearest Mom, Dad & Kids,

How is everything at home—I miss you all so much.

To-day we had our injections, physical exams and our helmets, tents (pup) blankets, pistol? Belts, canteens and all the paraphenalia [sic] for living in the field under combat conditions. Where are we going—that is the burning question we continually ask each other.

We made our allotments last night. On foreign soil we receive 10% more pay which is an increase of $20.00 making our pay $108.00/mon. The Red Cross gave us each a little bag containing necessities such as files, sewing kit, lipsticks, combs, writing paper and pen.

I tried to call you last night but the phone was busy—will try again to-night. I received my photos to-day in uniform—My hair is a mess.

I have a 5 X 8 for you but I can’t get it until pay day—it is $1.50. I am absolutely broke!!!

Tell Uncle Norman Pris and Nellie and myself all have our days off July 7 and will meet him in NYC—if, of course, we are still here. Our officers think we will leave just before the Fourth. Time for bed!

Must close now—write soon.

Love to you all.

Marj. XXXX

When it is time to signal lights out I miss the beautiful poignant strains of Taps echoing through the moonlit nights at Fort Devens—I haven’t heard it at this camp. It makes one feel sad! And yearning—for what?—home, mother, romance, adventure—it pulls at the heart strings, those lovely notes!

Love again,


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