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Finance Office
Camp Wheeler, Ga.
26 January 1943

Miss Clara Blaney
General Chairman
Bryant Service Club
Bryant College, Prov. R. I.

My dear Miss Blaney,

My mother has now reprimanded me for not thanking you for the candy you sent some time ago. Adding her chiding to the previous constant reminding by my wife, this is the result. All subtle efforts on my part to effect partial relief by the age old southern custom of “bragging on” my wife’s cooking, baking, etc. suffered miserable and complete failure.

My only excuse is unrelentless [] imposition of duties upon me by my superior officer. Something like some of the profs used to be at Bryant. The more work you did and the more effort you made to learn, the more work they would give you.

I have been appointed a Warrant Officer and made assistant Finance Officer here at Camp Wheeler. And now I don’t mind admitting that the principles expounded by such sages as “Jerry” Barbour, “10¢ cigar please” Henry Lee, and “8th floor gigolo” Gulski are now standing me in good stead.

And now, once again, I want to express my personal appreciation for the kind words and deeds you are extending to us. A little belated, but even that much more sincere.

Yours for victory,
Milton J. Lapin
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