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January 3rd

Dear Miss Blaney:

Thank you for your letter of December 1 which just arrived today. It certainly was a thrill to receive the Bryant Alumni Bulletin, and read all the news of reunions, engagements, marriages, positions, etc., of some of my former classmates.

Although I appreciate the honor of being the first Bryant Alumni to write from Ireland, I hope that you have not used my letter fully, in the Alumni Bulletin. It really was just a personal letter, dashed off on the spur of the moment to Mr. Handy, whom I regarded as one of the best Professors at Bryant. Well, so much for that. I really hope that you understand that I am not the type of person to go about advertising his whereabouts, but just the same do like to receive letters from friends, especially when so far away from home.

Now, to answer your request for information about myself. Really, there isn’t much to be said. We all are working here, quite hard, and about the only thing that bothers us is the climate. No doubt you have heard of the dampness. Well, it is just as it has been written about. It rains continually, cloudy or not, and raincoats are quite in fashion, to be worn day and night, weekday, Sunday or Holiday.

The scenery is very beautiful—that is, from a distance. Close to, some sections of the town looks like the lower East side of Boston on a foggy day. Horses and donkies are quite common here as a means of trucking, and with the rationing of petrol (Excuse me, I meant gasoline) some people have taken to them as a means of transportation.

Please excuse this horrible typing, which is being done on a portable—it might not be up to Bryant standards, but it’s readable.

Best regards to all—including Professor Handy, who has not, up to the present day, answered my letter.

Most sincerely
David O. Larson
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