World War II;Army Air Base Green Field;Mr. Shors;Mr. Hammond

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[Transcription begins]

341 Fighter Sqdn
Army Air Base
Green Field
Providence, R. I.

Dear Sir,

I have just received your package and letter with the latest news from Bryant. I’d like to express my appreciation and thanks to you and all the members of the Bryant Service Club.

I am still down here at Hillsgrove but we have been requested to have our address listed a little differently. The one above is the way it should be.

Glad to hear that Mr. Shors and Mr. Hammond have received their commissions. I hope they do as well in the army as they did at Bryant. I’m sure they will.

From your letter, I can see that everyone is working hard. I know how they’ll feel in the summertime. Last summer, I was attending a radio school in St. Louis, which I believe is one of the hottest spots in the country. However, there were plenty of things to compensate for the heat. The people in St. Louis are very hospitable and go to great lengths to keep the boys happy. I believe it rates second to New England. I was out there and in the south for ten months so you can be sure it felt pretty swell to back home in New England. I don’t know how long I’ll be here but I intend to enjoy myself while I’m here.

I hope everyone did well in the exams as I’m sure everyone did (?).

Sincerely yours,
(Pvt.) George T. Latimer [Transcription ends]