WWII;George T. Latimer;Hillsgrove

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341 Fighter Sqdn
State Airport
Hillsgrove, R. I.
January 25, 1943

Dear Sir,

I just received a letter from my mother saying that you had written her concerning the candy you sent me for Christmas. I’m very sorry you did not hear from me.

I received the candy at Mitchel Field, N. Y. after it had gone to Florida and back. I received it just before Christmas when I [was] just about to leave for home. I’m sure I wrote when I got back but there is a possibility I forgot because I’ve been jumping around quite a lot. I’ve been to Westover Field since and am now at Hillsgrove.

I would like you to know that I appreciate your sending the candy and hope you will forgive my forgetfulness if I did forget.

Sincerely yours,
George T. Latimer
[Transcription ends]