WWII;George T. Latimer

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Sgt. George T. Latimer
541 Ftr Sq 845 Ftr Gp
A.P.O. [indecipherable] c/o P.M.
San Francisco, Calif
August 17, 1943

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Rhode Island

Dear Sir,

I just received a package you sent to me at Hillsgrove. It had been moving around for quite a while but it arrived in perfect shape. It was a very nice package and I'd like to thank all the persons in the club who send these things to the men in service.

It was an unexpected pleasure to receive a package way over here. This is so far from everywhere that it is nice to receive something from home.

Sincerely yours,
George T. Latimer
[Transcription ends]