WWII;John A. Lenkiewicz

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Corp. John A. Lenkiewicz 31122149
Co. F - 175th Inf.
APO 29 New York City
December 26, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.


Your much appreciated remembrance was delivered to me on Christmas Day. It was a very pleasant surprise and will be very useful to me. I have recently returned to my company from one of our hospitals where I recovered from an attack of pneumonia. I am sure that the sweater will protect me from any such illness in the future.

There are not words enough to express my appreciation to your organization. I can only say that work such as you do builds the morale of our forces as no other act could. We who are the recipients of your gifts will show our appreciation by doing our best to bring this conflict to an early and successful end.

Very truly yours,
John A. Lenkiewicz
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