WWII;Leonard M. Levin;Lawrence Italiano;Michael Mathews;George Bunnell;Roland Blanchette;Robert Marshall

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11 Goddard Street

Providence, R.I.

November 15, ‘42

Dear Miss Blaney,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my request for an official transcript. I’d like to present to you the addresses of few Bryant boys that graduated with me and who are now in the Armed Forces.

Pvt. Lawrence A. Italiano

41 st T.S.S. Brrks 764

Lowry Field #2

Denver, Colorado

Cpl. Michael Mathews, Jr.

Co. L. U.S.A. F.S.-NCO Sec

Wake Forest, N. Carolina

(over please)

Roland Blanchette Av. Cad. U.S. U.S.N.R.

202 Stacy Hall

U.S. Navy Preflight School

Chapel Hill, N.C.

George Bunnell is also in the Navy. I have not his latest address.

Larry Italiano has sent me two letters. In each letter he mentioned the Service Club. He said he hadn’t heard anything from them. He said, “After all, it’s a pretty tough job to keep in touch with so many soldiers as there are today.”

I sent him a letter assuring him that he had not been overlooked, and promised that I would turn in his new address to the Bryant Service Club. I have now done so.

Miss Blaney, I am now working on a plane to make a “dime” collection from Evening School students. It may take time, because it’s a lot slower movement for extra curricular activities in Evening School.

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I met Bob Marshall’s father at Nicholson File Co. He told me that he thought that the Bryant Service Club was a grand organization and deserved many, many thanks.

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