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June 17, 1943

To All The Members of the
Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Fellow Members of the B. S. C.

Thank you very much for the swell gift package that you sent me. I received it a few days ago and it arrived in excellent condition.

My buddies and I certainly enjoyed the delicious cookies, candies, etc. but my greatest enjoyment came in receiving the package. It showed me that the students at Bryant were earnestly keeping their fellow students in the Service in mind.

We've been real busy here lately, so busy, in fact, that we haven't even had much time to think back to our civilian days. And when I received your package, it brought back fond memories of the days when I was an active member of the B. S. C., and the way we used to work to get packages out to the service men, and to sell war stamps and bonds.

I'm more glad now than ever that I did my part then, because now I know how happy a Service man feels when he receives something from his alma mater.

I am in my 50th day of basic military training today and I have about 6 more days of basic to go.

It may interest you to know that I have been accepted for Aviation Cadet Training and that I will be at it very shortly.

I'd like to write more but my writing time is limited.

Again let me thank you all, very much, for your kind gift and the fine thoughts behind it. Keep up the swell job that you're doing. You're the only student body in the country that has such a fine organization as the Bryant Service Club.

Yours for Victory--Soon
Leonard M. Levin

P. S. To those of you who would like to write to me my address is--"Pvt. Leonard M. Levin, 409 T.G. Fl't Q. AAFTTC, BTC #4, Miami Beach, Fla."

I'd be very glad to hear from you about yourself and about things at Bryant--L.M.L.

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