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Presented at RDAP Summit, 2019


research data management; data management plan


RDAP Summit

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This presentation was given as part of the RDAP Summit, 2019

Train-the-Trainer: Developing a Research Data Management
Workshop to Support Graduate Student NSF Doctoral
Dissertation Research Improvement Grant Proposals
Presenters: Andrew Creamer (Brown University),
Hope Lappen (New York University), Sam Simas (Bryant

Workshop Objectives: Participants will be able to:
1. Teach graduate student researchers to navigate and FastLane and provide overview of solicitation, supplementary document requirements,
and public access compliance requirements, including depositing in NSF-PAR

2. Point out common pitfalls for graduate students navigating and complying with solicitation and PAPPG

3. Conduct an evaluation of students previously funded DDRIGs regarding their projects’ data collection and documentation needs and lessons learned to incorporate into the workshops Pull together a resource list of experts and offices to support data storage, data security, intellectual property, and ethics
to support their research goals

4. Consult on directorate-specific Data Management Plans for their proposed DDRI projects that integrate library research data management resources among others, and help students locate and integrate data documentation standards utilized by the repositories and journals in their field

5. Consult on the development of students’ Broader Impacts plan for their DDRI projects