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Hello Folks

Many thanks for the swell letter you sent me dated December 8. and even tho [sic] it was old it was swell reading. I have been on the go so much that my mail never seems to catch up with me. I have a new address now and I hope it will be mine for a little while but one never knows. I am stationed in the jungles of India and it sure is alone. We have no town to go to spend seven days a week working. We sure are busy and have to work all hours. These letters you send are sure swell and I look forward to them as they bring me out of India and back to the states for the short period that I read them. I sure do hope that this mess gets over with in a hurry as I have a lot of things to do back home and of which I will never complain about after seeing the rest of the world the states is heaven. Well I must close now but will write again later.

Carl Lindquist

PS That 10 to 1 ratio of girls sure sounds interesting as women here are only found in magazines.

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