WWII;George Lipschitz;Italy

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Master Sgt. George Lipschitz
Hq. Det., 54th Med. Bn.
APO 454 c/o PM, NYC, NY
January 15, 1945

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.


Dear Bryant Alumnae,

It was grand of you to be so thoughtful in sending the Christmas package. A fellow way out here does appreciate the fact that his friends do think of him.

True, I should have acknowledged receipt of the package long before this. But, with monthly and annual reports, I have been kept quite busy. My work is of a two-fold nature. That is, I have the duties of first sergeant of Headquarters Detachment and the duties of Battalion Sergeant Major.

What ever happened to the Bryant Alumnae Bulletin that you, at one time, did publish? Really, it would be grand if you did forward one on to me. I am quite interested to know just where and what most of my former class mates are doing.

Is there anything new at Bryant? Who, of the old faculty, do you have left?

My brother, Nat, is now in England with an infantry division. His work is that of regimental supply officer and he is doing very well.

Thanks again for the package and a Happy New Year to you all.

[Transcription ends]