Letter Written by Edward J. Lis to the Bryant College Service Club Dated July 22, 1943

Edward J. Lis


[Transcription begins]

Pfc. Edward Lis
Co E. ASTP Y. SCU 3703
332 Ellis Ave
Iowa City, Iowa
July 22, 1943

Bryant College Service Club
c/o Bryant College
Providence, R.I.

Dear Sirs:

Just a short note to tell you of my change of address. I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen it came quickly. That’s how the army works.

I’m here at Iowa U. and have been assigned to study Language. Have been assigned for Polish but from the rumor about it is suppose to be an Asiatic Language. That will be rather hard.

The past week, I was stationed at Pasadena Junior College. This was a refresher course. We were to be there a maximum of 27 days. They sure worked on us fast.

Send my regards to all.

Sincerely Yours
Edward Lis

[Transcription ends]