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Gloversville, NY.
April 1st

Dear Miss Blaney.

You will no doubt to glad to know that Walter has passed his exams at Pre-flight with a high average and is now flying and is stationed at

Thunderbird Field No 1
Phoenix, Arazonia

He has wrote us about the Chinese Cadets that are at the field and one of them who he is helping with his studies.

The Japes took his home town six years ago and he escaped and went to a Chinese military school and after he finished he was made a Lt., after sewing for some time he took an exam for the Air Corps and was sent over here to train.

It took them three months to make the trip.

Thunderbird is a very pretty field and it has cottages built in rows and has eleven men in each cottage. They have ¾ beds with interspring mattress also shower and toilet.

The sides of the landing strips are in lawn doted with flower beds.

They also have two large swiming pools and the food is of the best and wounderfuly prepaired.

I would very much like to have a post card folder of Providence or if you could send one to Walter so he can show it to the boys at Camp.

Thanking you for the above favor and wishing you continued sucess with your service club.

I remain
Very truly yours,
George Lyon
10 Allen St.
Gloversville N. Y.
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