George Lyon

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Gloversville N.Y.
March 27.
Clara Blaney
Gen. Chairman
Bryant Service Club

Dear Mrs. Blaney,

I was very pleased to receive your letter of the twenty first and also somewhat surprised as I had not heard from you for so long and did no know if the club was still operating or not.

When I first received your letter I did not have Walters presant address and so did write untill I could send it to you.

I also write him tonight and told him aboute your letter also the packages you have sent him but I do not know if he has received them or not as he has been to so many places since Thunderbird Field.

at his last Base his mail got send to some other base and I do not know if he has received any of it or not.

Walters presant address is a [?]

Sgt. Walter J. Lyon 11069773
Section 1 Flight C
C.C.T.D. P.A.A.F. Pyote, Texas

Thanking you for your very nice letter and with best wishes for your continued success.

Very Truly Yours George Lyon

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