Dennis Malloy

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Sept 1, 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I just received your very welcome letter with the addresses of my former college friends who are in the service. I was, however, very sorry and somewhat puzzled to hear that you had not received a letter form me as I did send one, but let me thank you again for your kind and generous gift.

I have been transferred to another base since I last heard form you. I am now stationed at Amherst Air station. I’m getting flying time in now. I have 14 hours solo and 26 dual. I am due to leave here for Chapel Hill in another month but before I do I may get a leave. If I do I shall thank you in person.

I received a yearbook from the college and I was only wishing that I had been able to graduate also.

A college degree is not only good after the war but it helps a great deal in the service.

I saw Lt. Shors picture in it. Perhaps, I shall get a change to see him sometime.

I am taking my final examinations in aerology [sic], navigation, communications, air craft engines and air craft recognition tomorrow and the next day.

We fly up here seven days a week and we have night classes every night except Sunday. During the day we have Physical training and military training so you can see I have very little time to myself.

I must end now and get back to the books. Thanks again for everything.

Yours sincerely
Dennis Malloy

My address is:

Av. Cadet Dennis Malloy U.S.N.R.
C.A.A. W.T.S.
U.S.N. Training Station
Amherst, Mass.

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