Dennis Malloy

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June 8, 1943

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I received your kind and generous gift of cigarettes. Thanks very much.

I’ve been stationed here since the first of March but I graduated yesterday and I expect to leave for my next stage of flight training in the near future.

We’re kept pretty busy up here with studies, drill, and physical exercise but I manage to get out on weekends.

I imagine quite a few of the boys who were there when I went to school are in the armed services.

I get letters from a few of the boys now and then. From Leo Blais, George Dion, and Edward Pagliarini.

I though [sic] I was working hard when I was attending Bryant. But Bryant’s course of studies compared to this one is a Sunday school picnic. I’ve taken mathematics from simple addition + subtraction up through algebra geometry and physics. We have navigation, recognition of aircraft at 1/75 of a second, communications, which includes Morse code at 12 words a minute, blinker code at 10 and Semaphore at 8. Also Principles of Flight, Aerology [sic], Aircraft Engines, and to top that off we have military drill and physical training.

This makes a very complete day in any man’s life.

But we are lucky. We get weekend liberty and it is only 95 minutes to where I live from here and I manage to get home on weekends.

Let me thank you again for the cigarettes. It’s a very fine thin your [sic] doing and I know they must appreciate it as I do. I do appreciate it or I wouldn’t be writing this letter, as I have very little time to myself. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours
Dennis Malloy
Av. Cadet U.S.N.R.

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