Diversity Ideologies and Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Africa; labour legislation; colonisers; workplace; inequality; human development index

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Research Handbook on Inequalities and Work

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Inequalities in terms of employment opportunities and advancement in the workplace are a global phenomenon and Africa also experiences such challenges. The aim of the current chapter is to explore workplace inequalities in South, East and West Africa by focusing on specific country contexts. The literature review reveals that different countries have experienced colonisation differently, depending on the objectives of the coloniser. The literature review further reveals that demographic disparities in terms of access to the job market and promotions to higher-level occupational positions exist across Africa, but to varying degrees and impacting certain groups of individuals more than other groups. While in certain countries labour legislation has been implemented to bring about parity in the workplace, other countries are still grappling with introducing labour reforms in their organisations. Nevertheless, the lasting effects of colonisation still impact many countries in Africa as inequality exists within workplaces in various forms and transformation is slow in most countries.