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12 April, 1943.

Bryant College Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Bryant Service Club:

I received your letter today although it was postmarked 16 March, 1943. Since the writing of your letter I have changed my address and am now stationed on foreign soil. I also heartily concur with most of the Bryant Alumni in the service when they write and say that above all things they enjoy receiving letters from friends back home.

Because of strict censorship at our base there isn’t very much that I can say at the present time, but I am hoping to hit the States soon and am planning to return to Bryant College for a visit.

I shall be glad to receive any letters or bulletins which you may put out from time to time. Thanking you for your kindness and consideration, I am

Very truly yours,
Raymond G. Mancini

Raymond G. Mancini, Storekeeper, 1c.
Navy 1503, U.S.C.G.R.
c/o fleet Post Office
New York, N. Y.
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