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Published by Wiley-Blackwell in Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, volume 8 issue 1, 2010, pp. 191-213. Bryant users may access this article here.


A3 Method, Active Learning, Health Care, Lean Systems; Process Improvement


Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

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Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education


The focus of this article is to present students’ perceptions of the recently developed A3 method, a structured problem-solving approach based on lean concepts and tools that have been adapted to the health care environment. The students were all employees of a large health care provider and were enrolled in a customized health care executive MBA Program. Each student was required to complete an individual A3 Project in order to improve a process at the department for which they worked. At the end of the semester the students presented their A3 projects to their peers who voted on the best projects. A survey measuring perceptions of the A3 method for problem solving in health care was administered and from it we present propositions for A3 implementation. These propositions are applicable both to health care practitioners and to academic researchers.