Quality Communication Within a Connected Manufacturing Supply Chain

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Published by Emerald Publishing Ltd. in Supply Chain Management, volume 9 issue 4, 2004. Bryant users may access this article here.


Case studies; Supply chain management; Quality; Communication


Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

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Supply Chain Management


Four entities in a connected supply chain are analyzed through a case study. The paper focuses on the relationships between organizations and the specific goals and objectives of each firm. The study was conducted from an insider's view through personal experiences, and a series of on-site and telephone interviews with managers from each entity of the supply chain. It focuses on passing on and interpreting quality goals, alignment of quality goals and the existence of partnership with the connected supply chain. The main reason for the success of the supply chain is the strength or dominance of the manufacturer. Strong and frequent unidirectional communication exists between the manufacturer and the supplier and between the manufacturer and the distributor. These connections are the crux of the supply chain. From this strong relationship, the supply chain is able to remain successful while communication weakens and disappears at either end of the supply chain.