Strategic resource allocation in entrepreneurial businesses during epidemic growth periods

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strategic resource allocation; epidemic growth periods

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Academic and Business Research Institute

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Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 20, 1-10


To entrepreneurial businesses, epidemic growth dynamics can be an attractive and a daunting proposition at the same time. Rapid, widespread growth of sales numbers is certainly attractive, but it can easily turn into a hazard, when the business becomes overwhelmed by demand, mistimes investment decisions, loses orders and hurts its reputation. Surprisingly, research that guides entrepreneurial businesses in allocating their constrained resources during periods of epidemic growth is scarce. To that end, the author reviews extant literature to extract the pertinent process characteristics of epidemic growth in a business context, and combines them with archival case evidence to inform entrepreneurial ventures in the strategic resource allocation during epidemic growth periods. Overall, the results from this study indicate that a better understanding of epidemic dynamics will benefit investment and planning decisions. More specifically, the findings suggest that entrepreneurial, resource-constrained businesses can maximize the benefits during epidemic growth periods, if they allocate their Marketing and Operations resources with focus and in accordance with the stages of the epidemic growth process.