Location Advantages and Subsidiaries' R&D Activities in Emerging Economies: Exploring the Effect of Employee Mobility

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employee mobility; intellectual property protection; location advantages; subsidiaries' R&D

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Kluwer Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers

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Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 24(3), 341-358


With multinational corporations increasingly seeking subsidiaries’ specific advantages in foreign countries to develop their innovative capabilities, internationalization of research and development has been greatly emphasized. However, in emerging economies, managers are encountering the challenge of high employee mobility under the weak intellectual property protection regime. This article investigates subsidiaries’ employee mobility and proposes that it negatively moderates the relationship between location advantages and the level of subsidiaries’ R&D. This article extends R&D internationalization and enhances current understanding of subsidiaries’ R&D activities. Further, it provides managerial implications as to how managers can improve R&D outcome by mitigating obstacles in emerging economies.