Managing the Dynamics of New Technologies in the Global Supply Chain

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global supply chain; RFID; internet of things; industry 4.0; artificial intelligence; blockchain

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IEEE Engineering Management Review


Technology has been rapidly changing the business environment over the past several decades and these changes are occurring at an accelerating rate. How to effectively integrate, deploy and manage technologies in a cost efficient manner across an organization's supply chain is a key concern of business practitioners. Due to the significant resources of personnel and money required to implement these technologies, as well as the potential for disruptions to ongoing business operations, it is imperative for technology implementers to reduce their risks. In this paper we discuss the supply chain impact of the following technologies: radio frequency identification, the internet of things, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and Blockchain. We identify the implementation challenges and expected benefits of these technologies, and the managerial implications of merging the technologies to create a long-term strategic competitive advantage; within a multi-organizational supply chain setting.