Beyond Evading Lockout and the ‘Pioneer’s Curse’

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technology strategy; timing of entry; window of opportunity; order of entry; synchronizing

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Current research suggests that timing the entry of a technological innovation is a crucial decision for companies. Several issues can complicate this decision, including selecting appropriate performance measures for decision-making and evaluation; applying a dynamic, not static, view on entry timing decisions; understanding how factors from theory inform actual entry timing decisions; and dealing with situations with multiple, opposing entry timing factors. This study used a visual template to collect data from 26 recent successful cases of entry to examine how practitioners evaluate and manage entry timing decisions effectively. Results showed that practitioners evaluate and manage entry timing in more nuanced ways than suggested in the existing literature. Practitioners benefit from a detailed understanding of the dynamic relationship between entry timing factors and determinants of profitability. The study yielded six strategic guiding principles practitioners can use to optimize their entry timing decisions.