Dimensions of Fit Between a Brand and a Social Cause and Their Influence on Attitudes

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Published by Elsevier in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, volume 27 issue 2, 2010. Bryant users may access this article here.


Fit; Sponsorship fit; Social cause-marketing; Multidimensional construct; Sponsorship attitude; Brand attitude



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International Journal of Research in Marketing


This paper examines cause-marketing promotions and finds that fit between social causes and consumer brands can be decomposed into ten “micro” sub-dimensions or two “macro” sub-dimensions (prominence and marketing strategy) of fit. Results indicate fit sub-dimensions are significantly related to the attitude toward the sponsorship and the brand, and that attitude toward sponsorship mediates the relationship between fit and attitude toward the brand. As such, managers should not only rely on natural fit between cause and brand, but they should also attempt to communicate fit to the consumers. Importantly, familiarity with the cause interacts with fit when attitudes toward the sponsorship and the brand are measured, such that fit matters less to those who are more familiar with the cause.