Food Printing: Evolving Technologies, Challenges, Opportunities, and Best adoption Strategies

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3D Food Printing; Printing precision; Culinary Printing; Personalized Nutrition; Customized Food Design; Confectionery Market

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Journal of International Technology and Information Management


3D printing is a process of making three-dimensional objects using additive processes where layers are laid down in succession to create a complete object. Companies across the globe are actively piloting and leveraging the inherent benefits of 3D printing technology. Today, 3D printing can revolutionize food innovation and production through better creativity, customizability, and sustainability. In this paper, we conducted a literature review to explore 3D printing's current technologies and applications in the food industry, including its advantages, its potential implications, and its obstacles to rapid growth. Finally, the article investigates the future of 3D printing in the food industry. Our discussions bring new insight into the transformative potentials of 3D food printing and provide practitioners a way to discover more effective strategies to adopt technology