The Role of Cultural Intelligence in Marketing Adaptation and Export Performance

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Published by the American Marketing Association in the Journal of International Marketing, volume 21 issue 4, 2013. Bryant users may access this article here.


marketing-mix adaptation; export performance; exporting; cultural intelligence


American Marketing Association

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Journal of International Marketing


This study examines how export manager cultural intelligence (CQ) affects the relationship between marketing-mix adaptation and export performance. From a resource-advantage theory perspective, the authors posit that export managers' motivational and metacognitive CQ are intangible but valuable resources that influence marketing strategy and export performance. According to survey data from 153 U.S. exporting firms, export managers' metacognitive CQ positively moderates the relationship between marketing-mix adaptations and export performance. Furthermore, export managers' motivational CQ positively moderates the relationship between environmental differences and marketing-mix adaptations. The study adds to the theoretical understanding of the adaptation-performance relationship and provides valuable guidelines for exporting firms in the recruitment, training, and promotion of export managers.