The Spillover Effects of Prototype Brand Transgressions on Country Image and Related Brands

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Published by the American Marketing Association in the Journal of International Marketing, volume 22 issue 1, 2014. Bryant users may access this article here.


country of origin, prototype theory, brand transgression, international marketing


American Marketing Association

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Journal of International Marketing


Country-of-origin research has primarily held the view that country-level beliefs influence product-level beliefs. In this study, the authors investigate whether the relationship may also move in the opposite direction. Grounded in prototype theory and schema change theory, this study examines shifts in consumer attitudes toward a country as a result of a brand transgression. The authors confirm the conceptual framework using experimental methods. The results offer evidence of a relationship in which product-level beliefs affect country-level beliefs, a finding that contrasts with the majority of country-of-origin research. The effects of brand transgressions are moderated by the degree of prototypicality of the transgressing brand and the level of development of the transgressing brand's home country.