Collaborative Computing Technology: The Hot New Managing Tool

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Published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. in Team Performance Management, volume 8 issue 1/2, 2002. Bryant users may access this article here.


Groupware; Teams; Project management; Video conferencing; Teleconferencing; Supply chain


Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

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Team Performance Management


In a few years, the Internet has gone from being the communication tool of scientists to a primary route of information exchange for everyone from fashion designers to financial analysts. The Internet and its related services create an interactive working environment for users. Through the Internet, effective collaboration becomes possible whenever, wherever, and with whomever. Recently, there has been a significant growth in collaborative products and services aimed at small and mid-sized businesses. Discusses the evolution of the collaborative computing technology and addresses the capabilities of this new managing tool. Examines the trends in collaborative products and services and some of the collaborative computing products generating the most interest.