World War II;Robert W. Marshall, Jr.

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June 24, 1942


Chairman :

Again I wish to thank you for the cigarettes which I received the other day. It means a lot to know that the old gang at home is thinking of us fellows in the service. Not only that but those cigarettes sure do come in mighty handy now and then.

I have a new address, Bldg. 710 Room 131, due to another promotion in the Cadet ranks. Soon I hope to receive a still larger one. This time the real thing. I will be through my training next Wednesday and hope to be commissioned Friday, July 3, if my orders come in on time. We have been having a lot of poor weather and that has held up the flying schedule on bombing and gunning.

I hope to drop into Bryant when I get home, that is if I get any leave, and I’m looking forward very much to a trip back to the good old North where the dam [sic] Yankees live. They don’t know the war is over down here.

Back to the squadron for some night flying, so once again I’ll say thanks for the smokes.

Bob Marshall

[Typewritten postscript]:
NOTE: Since writing this, Bob has won his Wings and is now 2nd Lieutenant. He visited Bryant a few days ago on his way to a new post, at San Diego, Cal.
[Transcription ends]