Ray Smith;Eugene Schmidt;Erle Forrest, Jr.;Albert H. Stanwood;William A. Lambert

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July 4, 1943

Letter Writing Committee

Was very glad to receive your letter the other day for it sure is great to hear from the old gang now + then. As I said once before I am in contact with Ray Smith, Gene Schmidt, Erle Forrest + a few of the other fellows.

I am in hopes of meeting Al Stanwood out here for I understand he is located in this area that I’m in at present. I was glad to hear of the additional honor bestowed upon him.

Note what you say about Bill Lambert being called soon, he is one of the best please give him my regards when you see him also to his wife.

Was sorry to hear Mrs. Dow had been ill trust she is feeling much better now.

It was a shock for me to hear of Dr. Forrest passing away I knew him well and it mush have been a terrible blow to Erle his mother + sister. Speaking of exams it sure is a relief not to have to look forward to them at this time of year.

Things are about the same with me kept quite busy and plenty of good hunting now. Its fun to hunt but not so fun to be hunted. There is still plenty of heat left down here + if you ever need any I’ll be more than glad to send you some. Give me the good old cold climate + change of seasons you can’t beat it. This is one part of the world where, when it rains it rains + when the moon is full you can’t beat it any place on the globe.

The fellows who have been all over the world will really have something to talk about after the war, it’s too bad we can’t take pictures of some of these places but they are banned.

Once again I thank you for writing.

Bob Marshall [Transcription ends]