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June 30, 1944

Bryant Service Club

Received your letter of April 11 recently & as you can see it took its time getting here.

I am in touch from time to time with Ray Smith & Gene Schmidt and with the aid of your letters I can keep track of many of the fellows of "39" & "40."

I met Al Stanwood in Australia on one of our rest leaves & he told me at that time he was on his way home after two years out here. I have known Al all my life & you can't imagine how good it is to meet someone, you've known all your life, half way around the world.

There isn't much I can say about life out here & what everyone is doing as I believe the press covers it pretty well. We continue to go [government censored] & they get the worst of the deal all around in just about everything.

Pilots camps are about the same at every base with the exception of better chow at one, or a little more mud at another. Our free time is spent swimming, playing volley ball or soft ball but for some reason I guess you might say that the sack (cot, bunk or what have you) never has much of a chance to cool off it's quite a past time.

I'm on my last tour now & if all goes well I hope to drop in to Bryant in the early Fall to see some of the old faces.

I was glad to hear that "Bus" wasn't killed but a Prisoner of War that is if it had to be either. I know several Prisoners of War over there now & I hope they are luckier than the prisoners the Japs take.

As I've said there isn't much to say & couldn't if I wanted to so till next time thanks for your letter & I hope to hear from you again soon.

Bob Marshall
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