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In England
29 February 1944

Hello there Bryant Service Club!

Once again it is a hearty thanks to you for remembering me at Christmas. You ask that I let you know how and when the package arrived. Well, it was a bit late for Christmas 1943 and is a few months early for it! It arrived a little worse for the long trip, but the contents were undamaged and needless to say, it was much appreciated by me and the boys of the hut, last evening.

My address has been changing, and until recently I hadn't felt that I could hang my hat and expect it to be there for very long. I enclose my current address.

The last time I wrote you, from N.H., I was very snug in "off the post" quarters, living with my ever loving wife. But this time I feel that I am at least much closer to the war, if not actually in it. By the time you receive this letter, I shall be a proud poppa, for our first is due the 12th of March. To your faculty who have been there for several years it may be "pointed out by the numbers" that I was married to Mary B. Ronne, also a Bryant graduate.

Well, English countryside is very beautiful, the people are as hospitable as their very severe war time rationing will permit. Just about everything is rationed--even handkerchiefs, and YES CANDY! America will look doubly good to me.

All for now, thanks again, and best regards to all, from,

1st Sgt. Louis C. Martelle
A. S. N. 31050857
2d S. A. D. A. P. O. #635
c/o Postmaster, N.Y., N.Y.
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