Edmund J. Mastrovito;Mr. Lambert;William Lindquist;Fort Devens;Fort Benjamin Harrison

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Headquarters Company
Reception Cente
Fort Devens, Mass.

July 13, 1943

Miss Clara Blaney

I just wanted you to know that I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lambert when he came to Devens. Fortunately I was able to recommend him for assignment to the finance department and at the present time he is located at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

Also last week Imet [sic] another Alumnus, William Lindquist of Newport, who was a classmate of mind [sic] in1929 [sic]. In fact though we both live in Newport I had not seen Bill since graduation day and you’ll agree that’s a long time. Bill is still here awaiting assignment. He should also land in the finance department.

I also want to thank the club for the cigarettes that I recently received.

Sincerely yours,
Edmund J. Mastrovito Edmund J. Mastrovito [Transcription ends]