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Thanks loads for generous size box of candy. It was a grand Xmas gift and I appreciated it no end. Of course there being about 150 of us WACs living in the same dorm food or candy doesn’t last too long. I truly thank you tho’ for remembering me so well at Xmas-time.

From Basic Training at Des Moines, Iowa, my sister and I were sent here, Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, for an Army Administration course. Besides the regular student body there are about 300 ASTP fellows so we all manage to have a great deal of fun as there are several get-togethers. The studies are rather hard but so far we’ve both managed to stay near the top in our grades. All in all the set-up is near, especially since there’s no KP!

This coming Sat. we have a 2- hour final and receive our orders next week. Everyone is most eager to know what part of the country she is headed for. We were asked our preferences and in the past 80% were sent where they requested. Elsie and I both asked for Mitchell Field, N.Y. as they say it’s wonderful there and it wouldn’t be too far from home. Naturally there are all sorts of LR’s spreading. Last week I was issued a pair of high black “arctic galoshes” which buckle all the way up and 3 long sleeve woolen vests. Therefore the LR is that all receiving those 2 far-from-feminine items are headed for Alaska! Of course no one knows but it’s fun guessing.

Thanks again folks for your thoughtfulness in remembering me so well over the holidays.

Pvt. Helen I. Mathewson


Did you know Geo. Esten, class of ’39 I think, is now in Italy? I received a Xmas V-mail from him.
Address: Sgt. Geo. W Esten 31070441
93d Evacuation Hospital (Sem)
APO 464, c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Remember Arlene Bentley, class of ’39? She will be a proud mother the end of this month and has been married to Capt. H. Dexter Hyland, Jr., Brown ’40.
Address: Route #1 Box 188
Olympia, Washington

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