World War II

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Tonopah, Nevada
January 29, 1945

Dear Chairman,

I hope you will pardon me for being so tardy in acknowledging receipt of your Christmas package but this is about the first opportunity I have had since the holidays. After the holidays, I went on a two week trip back east + it was really swell to get back to civilization again.

First I want to thank you and all the student body for the Christmas gift. It was swell + the socks will come in useful out here on some of these cool days. It was swell of you folks to remember us + I know all appreciate it very much.

Things around here are quite dull + nothing of importance ever seems to happen. Right now I have a job of getting parts for grounded airplanes. It is quite interesting + they manage to keep us busy.

Well how are things at Bryant these days. Every now + then the thought of the college brings back memories of a well bunch and a lot of good times. I wonder how the old gang are these days. No doubt most of them are overseas some in place in the thick of the fighting. It would be swell if we could all get together again some day.

I imagine the student body has decreased these past few years with the war and all the defense jobs, but I guess everyone is having a pretty good time in true college style. Going to school does not seem much while you are going but once you are out you realize the value of a good education.

Well, again I want to thank you for the gift before I sign off for the night. It was a very nice surprise for the holiday. I will have to sign off for tonight but I will drop you a few lines when there is more to say.

T. J. McCarthy [Transcription ends]